Team Members

Fariba Fateh

CEO and Co-Founder

Fariba Fateh, our CEO, leverages her 17-year expertise in control systems to propel our technology toward market triumph. A recognized expert in nonlinear and adaptive control systems, her consultancy work spans battery characterization and adherence to industry standards, positioning her at the forefront of industrial projects. She is currently focused on devising a comprehensive market entry strategy for Power Technology. This strategy involves identifying market barriers, optimizing penetration channels, and forming strategic partnerships, setting the stage for a successful launch and enduring market presence.

Behrooz Mirafzal

CTO and Co-Founder

Behrooz Mirafzal, our CTO and co-founder, brings a wealth of expertise from his 23-year career in power electronics. His tenure as a Senior Development Engineer at Rockwell Automation and his substantial contributions to the field, including authoring an influential book on power electronics, over 120 technical papers, and eight patents, highlight his proficiency. Recognized in the top 2% of researchers worldwide in his specialty, Mirafzal has received numerous awards, such as the Rockwell Automation Innovation Award and several IEEE Best Paper Awards. His leadership is pivotal as we progress through the prototyping phase of our products, utilizing his vast network and industry insights to forge strategic partnerships and propel our technology to the forefront of the market..

Mehmet Gursoy

Senior R&D Engineer

Mehmet Gursoy is a distinguished hardware design engineer with a five-year track record in the product design and development sector. Specializing in advanced PCB design, Mehmet has mastered the creation of high-efficiency power converters using GaN and SiC technologies. His contributions have significantly improved product performance and reliability, aligning with critical IEEE 1547 and UL standards. At the core of our team's innovation, Mehmet's expertise continues to drive the development of sophisticated multi-inverter systems, marking a leap forward in power conversion technology.

Erick Petersen 

Business Advisor

Erick Petersen, our esteemed business advisor, is the Chief Strategy Officer at Origami Solar and Principal at Spinnaker Strategy Partners. Erick has been working in the renewable energy industry for 17 years, he has been on the founding team of two startups in solar and energy storage that have achieved market success and successful exits. Erick has spent his career building high-performance teams, customer-centric businesses and empowering entrepreneurs as an advisor, mentor, and early-stage investor. 

Chuck DeMilo 

Marketing Advisor

Chuck DeMilo, our esteemed marketing advisor, leverages over 20 years of experience in guiding the commercialization of groundbreaking technologies within diverse fields including cleantech, biotechnology, photonics, and defense. His tenure includes pivotal roles in global marketing at MIT's Luminus Devices, where he led the launch of energy-efficient LED technology, and strategic positions at conglomerates such as Raytheon and PerkinElmer, steering new product development and market strategy. DeMilo's unique combination of deep technical expertise in physics and optics, alongside his vast business acumen in venture capital, strategic marketing, and IP strategy, positions him as a cornerstone of our marketing efforts. 

Peter Baldassari 

Marketing Advisor

Peter Baldassari, serving as our esteemed Marketing Advisor, brings groundbreaking expertise in power engineering and simulation technologies from his 22 years of experience as co-founder and Vice President of MagneForce Software Systems. Under his leadership, MagneForce has become a leader in innovating techniques for magnetic systems, offering easy-to-use interfaces for analyzing and predicting the performance of electric machines. His deep industry experience and innovative mindset are key to formulating our technology strategy, enhancing our ability to showcase our advancements, and securing meaningful partnerships

University Partners

JiangBiao He

Associate Professor, AMPERE Lab Director

Electrical & Computer Engineering

University of Kentucky

The laboratory of Advanced Motor-drives, Power Electronics, and Renewable Energies (AMPERE) at the University of Kentucky (UK). AMPERE is a research laboratory in the UK Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, specializing in high-performance electric motor drives, power electronic converters, and renewable energy systems for broad industrial applications.

Chen Liu

Associate Professor, CAMEL Lab Director

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Clarkson University

The Computer Architecture and Microprocessor Engineering Lab (CAMEL) at Clarkson University. CAMEL undertakes experimental research in multi-core multithreading micro-architectures, the interaction between operating systems and hardware architectures, power-aware computing, hardware/software security, hardware acceleration techniques, and virtual machine management.

Outreach and Lab Activities